Turkey Starts Testing It's First Domestically Produced Electric Train

Posted On: 29 July, 2021 In Blog

On the 30th August 2021 Turkey will start testing it’s first domestically produced Electric Train, and it’s exciting news for all involved, because if it’s successful not only will they be able to ramp up production across their huge network, but also local manufacturing will cost 20% less than the existing import model.

Looking at officially introducing the service onto the network by the beginning of 2022, the engine has been designed with an operating speed of around 160kph, and the control system has been produced by ASELSAN, who are one of Turkey’s biggest defence manufacturers.

So far, Turkey has spent over $300bn on their transportation and communication infrastructure over the last 18-20 years and with another planned $17bn over the next 10 years it hopes to become a global leader in an industry that is worth $180bn annually.

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