Bill Gates Is Back In Bodrum

Posted On: 30 July, 2021 In Blog

Bodrum is not just highly popular with foreign tourists, but it’s also frequently visited by Hollywood Stars, celebrities and the Rich & Famous, such as British Royals, Tom Hanks & Mark Zuckerberg. Recently, as recent as a few days ago, Bill Gates made an appearance as he dined with six friends in one of Bodrum’s many classy restaurants, apparently spending a whopping $9000 between them.

Anchored off the coast of Bodrum was his luxury yacht, ready to take him on a tour of the Mediterranean, and not only that, he flew into Bodrum on his private jet, and was taken to his yacht by a luxury helicopter – it’s alright for some isn’t it?

Gates is reported to have last visited in around 2014 and also there were rumours last year of land that had been purchased in his name, in Turkey’s North West region.

Now focusing on his foundation and donations to worthy causes such as the Covid pandemic, he’s taking much more time out to vacation & enjoy time with his family, something he used to sacrifice quite a bit, when launching & running Microsoft!

Who do you think we might see next?

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