Istanbul Airport ranks 2nd place in the world's best international airports

Posted On: 9 September, 2021 In Blog

Istanbul has been awarded the no 2 spot in the top 10 world's best international airports. The airport launched back in 2018 so in just under three years ranking high in this survey is an incredible accomplishment.

Results were based on how a varitey of things operate through the airports like check-in, terms of access, security, shopping, food and drink areas and the overall design and layout. Istanbul ticked all the boxes. The airport ranked high on the survey with how it operates so efficiently and with its ability to offer an outstanding travel experience.

Istanbul beat Airports such as Dubai, Hamad (Qatar), Tokyo, Hong Kong, Narita (Japan), Zurich, Osaka and Incheon (South Korea).

The survey also showed that 6 of the top 10 winners were Airports from Asia as many people do enjoy travelling throughout that side of the world.  

The airport to take place at the very top was the Singapore Changi Airport.

Congratulations Istanbul!!

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

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