Antalya Produces Over 95% of the World’s Most Luxury Yachts

Posted On: 10 September, 2021 In Blog

If you are currently looking to buy a yacht or will be in the next few years then Antalya Is the place you want to be in, as over 95% of the yachts currently produced in the Area are exported all over the world including Italy, the UK, the USA, Russia and the UAE.

 Situated in the Antalya Free Zone, which runs along Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline there’s a total of 48 companies in the Yacht Industry, who this year alone have already launched 21 luxury boats, resulting in a whopping $551m of revenue between January to July of this year. That’s a 14% increase when compared to last year, and since they first started producing yachts here back in 2000, the total number of luxury boats produced has now reached 500, producing a total revenue of just over $1.3bn.

 Most of the vessels built here are between 10-90m long and though most of the companies Are backed by foreign investors, most of the design and labour is carried out by Turkish Designers and engineers, plus, due to ever increasing demand for yachts from this area there’s been a 6% increase in employment throughout the region, bringing the total number of employees in this sector to around 5,500, which is fantastic not only for the local economy but also for Turkey as a whole.

 Part of the reason for an increase, certainly over the last 18 months has been down to the Covid Pandemic as people chose more isolated holidays away from potential outbreaks. Having a yacht of course also meant that people could still take holidays, even during the lockdowns, given that most of the luxury yachts produced are in fact ‘floating homes’ complete with luxury cabins, WIFI and fully fitted kitchens!

 Zeki Gurses, who is the General Manager of the Antalya Free Zone commented in a recent news interview that ‘The added value that the yacht sector provides to Turkey will gain even more momentum in the coming periods, and we have no shortcomings in terms of labor, quality and infrastructure’.

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