Turkish Formula One Grand Prix set to boost tourism in Istanbul

Posted On: 7 October, 2021 In Blog

This weekend the Turkish Formula One Grand Prix is in town!! The race is making its way to Istanbul Park where it is set to welcome 100,000 spectators which is a massive difference when comparing it with last years race which of course was held without fans due to the pandemic.

Istanbul has been trying to get back on track since the pandemic and the Grand Prix is just the boost that it needs. It is hoped that this particular event could secure a long term deal which would be massive for Turkey's tourism industry. Reports have stated that this weekend could bring in a whopping $150 million in revenues.

Last year saw the Grand Prix Istanbul Park circuit return after nine years. Though the event was held without spectators it gave the country the morale booster that it needed during the pandemic. The race ended up being one of the highlights of the season.

When talking about this years event, Turkey Hoteliers Association (TUROB) Chairperson Muberra Eresin has said that "This year it will be with an audience. It will have a very positive effect on Turkey and Istanbul and will trigger international tourist movement to the city."

Eresin also stated that "We expect that about 35,000 people to arrive in from abroad, and provide Istanbul tourism with an income of about $150 million. We expect a significant increase in occupancy rates in most of our hotels near the region where the race will be held."

It has been confirmed that more than 30,000 tourists will be arriving in Istanbul for the event.

The chairperson of Istanbul circuit operator Intercity, Vural AK stated that "I don’t think there is any other opportunity to promote to so many people," and "Although our capacity is way higher, we intend to accommodate a maximum of 100,000 people due to the coronavirus measures. Ticket sales have been going up rapidly due to the growing foreign interest. We will host over 30,000 foreign guests in Istanbul." He also said that "I think that this weekend alone Istanbul will see an inflow of around $150 million and $200 million."

Eresin stated that the race would be one of the most watched events in the world as it reaches out to around 2 billion people. He also has stated that Turkey's hoping that Istanbul's place on the Formula One calendar will be permanent in the upcoming years.

Source: Daily Sabah

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