Nobody who comes here doesn’t leave as they come, their minds always stay in Bodrum

Posted On: 16 November, 2021 In Blog

Born in 1886,  Cevat Sakir Kabaagaçli was a Turkish writer of short novels and poems who has long been associated with Bodrum having lived there for 25 years after he was sentenced to exile in 1925. Largely credited for the growth of Bodrum in the public eye and for its formation as a tourist hotspot he remains a figure of reverence and had a deep intellectual impact of ideas in Turkey during the 20th Century.

Talking about the town of Bodrum, he once transcribed that: ‘Nobody who comes here doesn’t leave as they come, their minds always stay in Bodrum’ and as he so famously helped transform the town, its only fitting that we now delve a little deeper into this fabulous region, and take a journey through some of the best places to visit here.

Bodrum Town

Bodrum town dates back thousands of years and was originally known as Halicarnassus so it boasts a plethora of Historical knowledge starting with the Castle which was built by the Knights of St John around 1402 and given to Turkey as a gift by the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. Not only is the castle worth visiting, but inside there’s also the underwater archaeology museum which houses a 16m ship sunk in 1025 AD. Moving on from that, there’s three yacht lined Marinas,  great restaurants, a fabulous night life, numerous shops and some of the most stunning beaches in Turkey.


 Most people particularly flock here for the awe-inspiring sunsets and the newly opened PalMarina which has received a huge sum of investment over recent years and is now a fully modern Marina & entertainment complex attracting hundreds of Cruise Ships & thousands of tourists to it’s berths. Also very popular for its beach which is half pebble/half sand it has a wealth of bars/restaurants and café’s surrounding it, so once you are here there’s no need to move anywhere, anytime soon.


If peace and quiet is more your thing then Torba works nicely as its  a quiet village with remains of a Byzantine Church and the Lelegian Tomb on top of the hillside. More residential than anything there’s a few bars/restaurants/shops near the hidden bays plus a lovely pebble beach on which to relax and unwind.


A historian’s paradise this area is under constant archaeology and is home to the oldest settlement in the Aegean. The Rabbit Island Cove area, where the sunken city is located, is a hive of activity and is a fabulous area of historical interest. It’s also an area well known for seafood and waterfront fish restaurants.


An area full of outstanding natural beauty and home to traditional housing its very popular with expats and tourists who come here for the fabulous Marina, crystal blue waters, hidden beaches and seafood. There’s also the ruins at Bargilia and the Spring Festival in May.

There’s plenty of things to see and do in this beautiful part of Turkey… it’s a wonderful place in which to own a home!

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