'The Big Move' - How Did They Do It?

Posted On: 21 January, 2022 In Blog

You may remember ‘The Big Move’ that took in place in 2019, when Turkish Airlines transferred from their old base of Ataturk Airport to the new Billion Dollar complex of Istanbul Airport, and for you Aviation Enthusiasts now is a great time to be watching the Television as you’ll be able to see how they did it, with a New Documentary which is airing this week!

It was a huge logistics operation with 1000 trucks carrying 12,000 pieces of equipment which weighed 47,000 tonnes, and an overall workforce of around 5000 people. Here’s the best bit though, they finished in a record time of just under 33 hours!

There are menial works still being carried out at some of the sites around the Airport however such a move, in such quick time is a testament to the team involved in the move and also signifies huge leaps and bounds in the logistics of global civil aviation. Ilker Ayci who is the Chairperson of THY, said the project ‘required the highest level of diligence, professionalism and impeccable planning as we knew that this operation would be of valuable importance for the future’.

The filming of the move was carried out by National Geographic and the ‘premiere’ was extremely well received by officials and executives when it was shown in Istanbul on Wednesday.

You can watch the documentary this weekend on National Geographic!

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