Turkey Hits the Number One Spot for Tourism in the Mediterranean!

Posted On: 28 January, 2022 In Blog

The Mediterranean is the most popular region in the world for Tourism, and there’s always been huge competition to earn the title of the ‘Most Popular Country’ with the likes of Spain and Greece regularly appearing in the top 5. This time however it’s Turkey who appear at the top of the list, having welcomed more visitors than France, Spain & Italy during the last 10 months of 2021.

It wasn’t by a huge margin, but with 152,000 visitors more than Spain (which came in second place) a win is a win, and it’s seen as a huge boost for the Tourism Industry, which as a result earned $20.3bn alone from Tourism in the third quarter of last year. According to the 10 month data, Turkey attracted a total of 24.98 million visitors and Spain attracted a total of 24.83 million.

It’s interesting to note, that of the $20.3 bn in the last quarter, $3.1bn was from Turks residing abroad who headed home to see family after Covid restrictions were lifted, and $16.4bn was from foreign visitors.

Across the board, there were some very impressive increases, which included an 88% rise on the number of foreign visitors to Turkey over the 10 month period, tourism income increased by 29.19% and revenue per capita also rose from $621 to $679.

As we’ve recently covered in other News Stories there are big plans for Turkey’s Tourism Industry, aiming to attract 50m visitors annually by 2023, and if these increases continue, that figure will be easily achieved!

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