Tourism in Turkey is on the up as number of visitors double!!

Posted On: 7 February, 2022 In Blog

The year 2020 was a very difficult year to say the least due to the pandemic which forced the shut down of international travel. However things are looking up for Turkey with recent reports stating that the popular holiday destination has managed to bounce back in 2021 due to people heading back to the much loved country which has seen 2021 figures double those of 2020.

Around 30 million visited Turkey last year, tourists as well as Turkish nationals who had moved abroad and decided to come back home for a visit. This saw an increase of 103% in revenue to 25 billion USD last year, even though this is nowhere near Turkey's annual high of 34.5 billion USD back in 2019, it is still great to see things heading back on track.

Those topping the list of last years visitors where from Russia. Around 5 million Russian nationals visited Turkey last year, which is a 120% increase compared to 2020. Next on the list was Germany with around 3.1 million visiting Turkey and around 2 million tourists came from the Ukraine.

Things certainly look like they are on the up for Turkey!! Here's to 2022!!

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