Record Numbers Expected for 2022

Posted On: 9 March, 2022 In Blog

If you’ve been to the airport within the last few weeks or you travel regularly you may have noticed that passenger numbers have been steadily rising, as the start of the tourism season kicks in and the warmer weather approaches. This is a huge boost for an industry which suffered enormously during the covid-pandemic with multiple job losses throughout the sector, and businesses struggling as restrictions were introduced.

Now, that’s all changing and Turkey’s Tourism numbers are already looking strong with a high intensity of bookings and many travel agencies reporting even higher numbers than pre-pandemic levels of 2019. Antalya for example has seen one of the biggest increases, with nearly double the amount of tourists expected this year compared to last year.

The reason for the surge is mainly down to the number of people who had to postpone their holidays during the lockdowns, but if you add into that those who couldn’t travel because of restrictions, those who preferred to stay at home just in case whilst PCR testing and forms were still required, and those who would normally travel throughout the summer, you can understand why numbers are so high.

The advice coming out of Turkey at the moment, is that Yes, whilst there are still decent prices to be had if you book early, these discounts won’t continue forever, and you should book early whilst you can to avoid any disappointment.

Many people will also capitalise on Turkey consistently being voted as one of the most favourable places to visit given the climate, the culture, the history, the beaches, the sea and everything else that goes with it.

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