The Newest & Longest Suspension Bridge in the World is Now Open

Posted On: 1 April, 2022 In Blog

Due to a strong collaboration between a consortium of both Turkish & South Korean companies, the longest suspension bridge in the world has now been completed, and was inaugurated to the public earlier this week, attended by both Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum.

The Bridge links both sides of the Dardanelles Strait for the first time, something that was really only possible before by ferry, which would take around 90 minutes journey time. As a result, the new bridge not only reduces times by around 84 minutes, but it also reduces fuel consumption as it’s much more efficient. It cost €2.5bn to build, but would save around €415m per year.

The bridge’s design is unique, in that it’s main span of 2023m serves to celebrate the year 2023 (the centenary of Turkey’s founding after the Ottoman Empire) and the towers which reach a height of 318m, serve to honour those who lost their lives in the sea and land battles in Gallipoli during World War 1 (March 18th).

It’s not free to cross the bridge, and there will be a charge of 200 lira, but that will be re-invested in the upkeep of the bridge, and help to pay back the sum of the cost to build. Not only that, but there is also the privilege of being able to cross the Strait a lot quicker, whilst admiring the beautiful views on offer.

The previous holder of the ‘World’s longest suspension Bridge’ belonged to Japan, and the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, which loses out to the Canakkale Bridge by just 105 feet.

*image courtesy of Zafer - Wikipedia