Ferry services between Turkey and the Greek islands are starting back up again!!

Posted On: 5 February, 2022 In Blog

Ferry services came to a halt for the past two years due to the COVID 19 pandemic but now the services between Turkey and the Greek Islands are beginning to start back up again.

Before the pandemic hit, a total of 1 million passengers were transported each year by ferry services between Turkish and the Greek Islands.

Chairperson Yusuf Ozturk of the Chamber of Shipping in Izmir stated that "with the resumption of ferry services, sea tourism will revive after almost coming to a complete halt in the region."

Ozturk stated that “Particularly, the tradespeople on the Greek islands are looking forward to the Turkish tourists,”. He noted that both countries will greatly benefit from the re-established sea route.

He also stated that “The decision to start sailing of our ferries, commercial and private yachts at a time when cruise tourism is also active in the Mediterranean will create a great revival in marine tourism in the 2022 tourism season."

Athens has already lifted all restrictions on the sea border gates which will allow ferries and yacht voyages to resume. Requirements and measures for those travelling will be announced soon.

Those in the industry who have struggled and been faced with a number of challenges now have the news they have been hoping for.  

Source: Daily Sabah

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