Istanbul's new Third Airport set to open October 2018

Posted On: 12 February, 2018 In Blog

It has been reported Istanbul will open its third airport on October 29, 2018. The airport will be one of the world's biggest and has been designed to accomodate growing traffic in a major hub. Around 80 percent of the construction has already been completed.

Once the airport is open incoming flights from the exisitng Ataturk Airport will be directed over to the new one. Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport is among Europe’s five busiest airports, recovering in 2017 from a downturn in passenger traffic the previous year. It will be closed after the new airport opens.

The new aiport is said to be large enough for 114 planes to dock at the same time and when it is fully operational it will be able to employ 225,000 people. It is said that around $10.2 billion has been invested in the project and would generate $22.2 billion in 25 years before value added tax.   

It has be confirmed that the new aiport will have a capacity for 3,000 flights on a daily basis and once the first phase has been completed it will have a capacity for 90 million passengers. When all four stages of the aiport have been completed it is expected to serve a total of 150 million passengers and to provide flights to more than 350 destinations for almost 100 airline companies.

Source: Hurriyet News

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