Blue Flag status awarded to 11 beaches in Didim

Posted On: 22 June, 2022 In Blog

A total of 11 beaches, including one marina, in the Didim and Akbuk area have been awarded with Blue Flag status. The Aydin province is the 4th largest province in Turkey to be rewarded with the status. The locals and tourists visting the region this year will have a great selection of fine beaches to spend their time on relaxing, sunbathing and enjoying a swim in the cool blue waters. These Blue Flags will certainly play an important part it terms of tourism.

Those who have been rewarded with the status are The Holiday Beach Hotel, Venosa Beach Resort and Spa, Didim Municipality Hotels Front Public Beach, Didim Beach Resort, Didim Municipality Altinkum Public Beach, Didim Municipality 3rd Bay Public Beach, Aquasis De Luxe Resort and Spa, Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort, Duja Didim, Didim Municipality Tavsanburnu Nature Park and finally the Didim Marina.  

TURCEV, the Turkish Environmental Education Foundation, listed a total of 531 beaches, 24 marinas, 5 yachts and 15 tourism boats for the Blue Flag awards.

Didim Mayor Ahmet Deniz Atabay stated that "The efforts of our Didim Municipality teams are very important in winning these blue flags. I would like to thank them one again for their hard efforts.

Source: Voices Newspaper

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