Celebrities start to hit Bodrum now the summer season is in full swing

Posted On: 29 June, 2022 In Blog

The luxurious resort of Bodrum is located on the balmy south-west coast of Turkey and is one of the most beautiful regions on the Aegean. Bodrum has always been a big hit with the tourists and it is also well-known as a play ground for the rich and famous, which has launched Bodrum's reputation to rival luxurious hot spots like St Tropez. A number of celebrities have been spotted enjoying all that Bodrum has to offer.  

Famous talk-show host and actor Ellen DeGeneres and her long term partner Portia de Rossi were spotted in Bodrum strolling along the pier of their hotel. The couple left the hotel via boat and went on a tour around the beautiful bays of the resort.

One of the worlds most famous models Naomi Campbell has chose to vacation in Bodrum as well this year. The top 90's supermodel is staying in a luxury villa and was seen enjoying the cool turquoise waters on a boat. The model was joined by her 2 year old daughter and close friends. This is not the first time Ms Campbell has been in Bodrum, the resort seems to be a firm favourite of hers for the past few years.

Fellow model Kate Moss also visited Bodrum just last month. The model paid a visit to a detox facility whilst enjoying her trip to the region.  

Source: Daily Sabah

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