Winter Sports in Turkey and its Olympic Bid 2026

Posted On: 11 January, 2018 In Blog

Turkey is a summer holiday favourite with families, couples and friends from all over the world with its glorious weather, beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and traditional culture, though many are not aware that Turkey has attractions during the winter season too and its beginning to spark interest with the tourists.

There are a number of key reasons why Turkey is turning into an up and coming winter holiday destination.

Temperatures during the winter season are at more comfortable levels so walking around and exploring Turkey's incredible culture is much more easier.

Going away in the winter season is much quieter than the bustling summer months and once the summer tourists have gone back home it allows the local culture and Turkey's way of life to show. The quieter season will allow you to stroll round shops, relax in local cafes and get to meet the friendly locals. Trips in the winter have a much more authentic feel to them.

Another good reason to travel in the winter season is the benefit of cost. Flights in the summer are much more expensive beacuse tourists want the perfect beach weather so travelling to Turkey in the winter will be cheaper, plus there could be discounts being promoted during the off peak season. As well as the cost of flights being cheaper you will find accomodation, activities and eateries have lower costs too.

Turkey offers a number of superb ski resorts and once winter arrives there are some fantastic slopes to try out. Some of the ski resorts are located a short drive from the main cities. Sure the Turkish ski resorts are not as well known as the likes of France and Austria, but this is expected to change over the years.

Now is the right time to take trips to Turkey during winter before its popularity as a winter destination grows and it becomes just as costly at travelling in the summer.  

It has been reported that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that Turkey is considering a bid to host the Winter Olympics in 2026. In the past Turkey has made several attempts to host the Summer Olympics so it would be the first time the country has bid for the Winter games. 

Source: NBC Sports