Golf Tourism Reaching New Records

Posted On: 25 May, 2018 In Blog

We may be seeing Antalya break a new record as officials are expecting 620,000 rounds of golf to be played by the end of 2018.

Back in 2015 and 2016 Turkey's golf industry as well as the rest of tourism took a hit, but it looks like it is all on the up. It has been reported that hotels in Belek, which is Turkey's golf capital will be full.

In 2017 Belek missed the opportunity to rebound after the British golfer Rory McIlroy campainged to have the European Tour tournament cancelled which had a massive impact on the number of golf tourists and tourists just visiting the local area.

Last year Sky News had stated that Turkey was not safe which saw numbers of golf being played last year drop down to 400,000, were as back in 2013 numbers reached 600,000. Other channels disagreed with this which then led to the tournament being in serious demand for this year.  

There has been reports stating that interest in Turkish golf property is set to increase as international players have began to discover that Turkey offers lower costs and top qaulity courses.  

Golf in Turkey is an off-season sport because of the heat in the summertime and is played between March to April and then October to November. On average golfers usually stay for around four days and spend around $1000 per person on golf games, hotels and shopping.

Source: Hurriyet News

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