Bodrum – The City of Music, Theatre & Festivals

Posted On: 31 August, 2018 In Blog

Mugla´s most popular tourist city of Bodrum is quickly becoming Internationally renowned as ´Festival City´ with many of the most recent music & arts spectaculars drawing in hundreds of thousands of local & foreign visitors.  Taking place in the Bodrum Ancient Theatre, Bodrum Stone Pit and Turgutreis D-Marin Yacht Club, preparations start on the festival one year in advance, with artists from all over the globe, as well as Turkey. Tugce Tez, an art consultant for the festival mentions ´While choosing the artists, we work on bringing names that excite our audiences´ whilst ´prioritizing Turkish musicians like composer Fazil Say and Onay´.

The Bodrum Ancient Theatre, one of the favourite spots for tourists during the daytime, has been hosting musical events for centuries, and was one of the most important structures in the ancient city of Halicarnassus. Tayfun Selcuk who is the Deputy Director of the Bodrum Castle Underwater Archaeology Museum states that the Theatre was built in the 4th Century in the design of a horseshoe, similar to the Epidaurus Theatre in Athens, leading them to believe it is one of the oldest theatres in the world. He goes on to say that the theatre was made up of 2 sections ´Diazoma & Kerkides´ and today it can hold up to 10,000 people, allowing the artistic events to make a great contribution to the cultural life of Bodrum. Built totally with stones and marble, the theatre has been restored where possible, and in some cases you can still see the inscriptions on the seats where the priests and governors of the city would sit and watch the old games and festivities of the era.

Gulsin Onay is an art consultant for the International Gumusluk Classical Musical Festival and she will be on stage at the Ancient Stone Pit, on the 10th August. She goes on to add that ´I and Alexander Markov will present a different programme. There will be Beethoven in the beginning of the event and Johannes Brahms in the end´ Other world-famous artists will include Konrad Richter, Shaun Choo, Fora Baltacigil, Oran Etkin, Dilbag Tokay & Bulent Evcil. Gulsin received the honorary award of the 14th Bodrum Music Festival and she is ´proud of it´. She can safely say that ´Bodrum has become a home for art and music´ and hopes ´there will be more of such events in our country´

A Dogus Holding Official Husmu Akhan said that Bodrum was no different to the likes of Salzburg, New Orleans and Sanremo, which are also well known for having organized music festivals for almost half a century.

The overall hope is that these music and art festivals continue to grow and excite, attracting many more visitors, and boosting the international status & economy of this delightful city.

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