Davutlar - The Paradise for Nature & History

Posted On: 23 September, 2018 In Blog

Located in the Western Anatolia lies the Region of Davutlar, once home to the ancient cities of Ephesus, Miletus, Priene and Pigale, which were the commercial and Political centres for the Ancient Greeks. An important region due to it´s climate and natural regions civilizations have established themselves here from the earliest times of the Carians & Lelegians to the present day. A historical treasure which attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors per year, there is plenty to do for the historians & culturists which include Melia - an Archaic Period Carian Town, Findiklikale - a Medieval Byzantine Castle, Kursunlu Monastery, Kadikalesi-Kadi Castle - of the Pirates and the Panionion - the meeting place of the old antiquity Ionian city states, much like the Old Roman Forums.

Within the borders of the Kusadasi region of the Aydin Province it surrounded by the Aegean Sea from the west, Guzelcamli from the North, Kusadasi from the South and Soke from the East, and it´s unique position allows for a highly dominant Aegean climate, which means a hot and arid Summer & warm rainy winters, with the average temperature being 16.6 degrees. When compared with a Mediterranean climate, summers in this region are warmer, the humidity ratio is lower but there winters are colder.

The famous historian Herodotus described the region of Davutlar as ´The Place under the most Beautiful Sky that we know on earth and the place where the finest climate is ever enjoyed, and nature lovers certainly take inspiration from this, visiting the forests, various picnic areas, trekking the paths, and watching the wild animals that roam the forest floors. One of the must see´s is the National Park, with an area of 28,000 hectares which starts at Guzelcamli and ends at the Dilek Peninsula. The word ´Nallica´ is also used to refer to the Wide Tableland located on the top of the Samsun Mountains, which offers amazing views, and treks via the waterfalls, foliage and old staging posts.

The town of Davutlar itself is home to a permanent population of around 6000, and with it´s popularity in the Summer, this number can rise to 35000 as tourists from all over the world visit the region. Famous for it´s pines and Olive Trees, there is an array of fragrant fruits and vegetables grown on the fertile islands whilst Peaches, Tangerines, Tomatoes and watermelon are the main contributors to the growing town´s agricultural economic activity. The hot springs and thermal bath are a welcoming and relaxing addition to the town & the fine sandy beaches with their crystal-clear blue waters provide the best opportunity to relax and unwind.

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