Bodrum - The Special One

Posted On: 26 November, 2018 In Blog

Turkey continues to hit the headlines,  and grows ever closer to being one of the best and biggest tourist destinations, and so this week we’ve decided to focus on Bodrum, which is a small peninsula on the Aegean, but is huge in terms of stature, attracting thousands of tourists from over the world. With the new world turning to Turkey as a more than attractive Investment, Bodrum is contributing heavily to the movement, and has, for some years now, been more than well known for its stylish architecture, fantastic Marina, and a heap of lifestyle facilities at it’s doorstep, It’s no wonder everyone is craving for a piece of freehold here…

In terms of Air Traffic, and the ever growing demand for flights, Ryanair have seized an opportunity and from 2019 will be flying from Dublin into Bodrum, Jet2 are increasing there operations here after a successful 2018, and Turkish Airlines are also launching direct fights to the Bodrum Milas Airport. Before now, most of Turkey’s flights were considered ‘Charter’ only, catering for package holiday tour operators with many spare seats sold to tourists but now, the new message is that Turkey and Bodrum are open to the world, and they are coming in high numbers. Celal Baykal who is the Turkish Airlines boss is more than happy quoting ‘We know Bodrum holds a fond place in British hearts, with many owning second homes in the coastal town and we’re pleased to be making it that bit easier to enjoy’

We’ve briefly touched upon Bodrum’ s Marina, but it deserves more than a ‘brief touch’ as it’s success has meant an increase in transport infrastructure, property investment and a major increase in demand for property in Marina Locations. Home to several Marina’s it was the renovation of the Palmarina that really put things on the map, and now it attracts some of the world’s biggest names with the biggest yachts.

With all the new Investment in Bodrum, the big brands were always going to come calling, and Paramount, the Mandarin Oriental and Niki Beach are now prominent on the peninusal, buying up all available space for new develoments bringing with them jobs and a boost to the local economy.

For the property Industry, Bodrum offers the perfect holiday retreat or year round lifestyle and property prices remain very attractive, with a host of re-sale & New Build apartments, townhouses and villas available. Turkish Connextions are specialists in Bodrum and are more than happy to help with your property purchase, so do contact us to find out how we can help.

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