More Planes Please - More Please

Posted On: 4 December, 2018 In Blog

It´s constantly good news coming out of Turkey at the moment as it continues to post record finances, boosts to its growing economy, investment in its ever-expanding infrastructure and increased demand from the tourist sector, and the recent news flash is also good news for Boeing, as Turkey´s main carrier Turkish Airlines orders three 777 freighters for its fleet.

Earlier in 2018, Turkish Airlines had already finalized an order for 25 787-9 dreamliners and started to take delivery of new 797 MAX airplanes to refresh its single aisle jets, which once all delivered would bring their total number of aircraft to 160, and with Istanbul Airport set to become one of the biggest in the world, the orders will continue to flood in with the increased demand.

One of Turkish Airlines´ main goals is to become the world´s largest cargo carrier, and the 777 Freighter will certainly contribute to helping to achieve this. It has a range of 4,900 nautical miles (9,070) kilometres and can carry a payload of 112 tons/102,000 kg). Compared with 2017, business freight saw a 25% increase and a 29% revenue increase, extending the airlines success in recent years.

The chair of the airline Ilker Ayci was delighted, adding ´We are excited to expand our efficient cargo fleet, contributing greatly to Turkish Cargo, Turkish Airlines successful sub brand´. He went on to mention that ´the additional aircraft will provide us more flexibility to serve even more destinations as we continue to grow our global freight network´

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