Didim - A Travel Through History & Time

Posted On: 16 January, 2019 In Blog

Didim is a fabulous place to live and if you are a history fanatic, then this is where you should be. Dating back thousands of years, it has a plethora of rich artefacts, temples and ancient city ruins and three which deserve a visit are the Temple of Apollo, The Ancient City of Priene & The Ancient City of Miletus.

The Temple of Apollo was built in the 8th Century originally as a divination and cult centre to Miletus and over the years it established itself as the most important hubs for sorcery and divine culture in Anatolia. Dedicated to Apollo who was recognized variously as the Greek God for Music, Truth, Prophecy, Healing, The Sun & Light, Plague & Poetry, it´s architect was Daphnis of Miletus. A long but sacred way also connected the temple to Miletus, which was adorned with sphinxes, lions and meditating priests.

The ancient city of Miletus dates back to the Bronze age, and it was established in the 11th century BC. It claims to be the place where not only Philosophy was born, but also where grid planning was used, paving the way for centuries to come. Located near the Balat Village, the first recorded naval Battle ´Lade´ was here, the architect Isidorus was born in Miletus and in 51 AD St Paul also lived here for a while. There are many notable sights to behold here, the most prominent include the Ancient Theatre with a capacity of 15,000 spectators, The Faustina Baths & St Michael Church whose foundations are built on the Temple of Dionysus.

Priene was established in the 4th Century, initially for the goddess Athena and it gradually became one of the most important cities on the grid. Located on the south slope of the Mykale Mountain, it houses the Temple of Athena and though it no longer exists to date, back in Ancient times at the front of the temple was a statue of Athena, constructed of Gold & Ivory. In these times part of the Altar of the temple is still intact, though no one still worships or prays to Athena, not that we know of anyways! The city was that important, that during his many campaigns it´s also known that Alexander the Great stayed in the City, and had the temple fixed when it was damaged. An Egyptian Temple dedicated to Osiris & Isis also served a purpose for many of the Egyptian travellers & traders that frequently visited the city to trade their wares.

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