The City of Dreams - Alanya

Posted On: 24 January, 2019 In Blog

The place that everyone’s talking about now is Alanya, which is part of the Antalya region, the second most visited holiday destination in Turkey. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, it offers a fabulous mix of authentic cultural lifestyle upholding traditional values along with also embracing and adapting to the most modern of travellers. For those wishing to experience the Turkish lifestyle on a more permanent basis, it’s also quickly becoming the destination in which to live, and here is why….

Property Prices in this lucrative and upcoming area of Turkey have always been extremely appealing with the typical price of a 2-bedroom apartment starting at just £50,000, which could come with a sea view, walking distance to the beach and the latest modern designs and décor. Also perfect for renting out, if you are interested in long term investments, then these prices also come at just at a fraction of what’s available in your own country, with very decent returns during the high season. It’s not just the high season where you could benefit though, as a growing number choose to take longer term rents in order to enjoy the fabulous area all year round.

As Turkey is becoming more popular, they themselves have invested heavily in the local infrastructure to meet growing demand and construction is at an all time high. There are 2 airports which support this area, either Antalya or Gazipasa, the former being the busier of the two, welcoming travellers from both the domestic and International scene. A cross country bus system also ‘caters’ for those who find flying a headache, with the Bus Terminal offering routes far and wide. Cheap tickets also include the cost of refreshments, wi/fi and comfortable seating arrangements. If neither of those options work, then there is always the Car Hire, where you can travel at your own pace, enjoying the stunning scenic views on the main coastal road.

In terms of Lifestyle, there is no better option, and it’s the perfect Mediterranean blend of mild winters and cool summers, with some of the best sunsets the world has seen. A fresh and healthy diet is also readily available as fertile conditions allow for vegetables to grow in Abundance such as tomatoes and cucumbers, whilst the Olive Oil which is an integral part of Turkish Cuisine is always offered & the fresh fish & seafood is a huge hit. Local farmers also offer a weekly market, selling their produce and it´s always worth trying some of the street food from carts & pop up stalls.

It isn’t just the Brits that Turkey is attracting, as it also looks to the Eastern Europeans, Russian & Middle East cultures. It´s a lot like the ´United Nations´ and people can feel more than safe here in it´s multi-cultural society. Most of the neighbourhoods now also take Euro´s, Pounds & other currencies, including speaking local & international dialects – here, you would never feel left out.

Much of the daily life here in Alanya centres around the famous Cleopatra Beach, whilst the Damlatas caves have the title of being the second largest in Turkey. Amongst others it´s also highly recommended that you visit the Castle, Red Tower & take advantage of the daily boat trips, jeep safari, and water parks. Alanya is the all rounder when it comes to keeping their guests entertained.

Turkish Connextions have been selling & renting properties here for many years, and they are well experienced in what will work for you. They have hundreds of happy clients & would be delighted to show you round. Do speak to them for further information, and hopefully you can find your dream house, in this amazing part of the world.

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