Turkeys Tourism hits Tremendous Heights

Posted On: 28 January, 2019 In Blog

As we head deeper into 2019, (it´s almost February, where has January gone?), we take a look into Tourism across Turkey as a whole, from 2018 and more importantly over the last decade. The British have always had a love of Turkey and what It can offer, so it´s really not surprising that the figures are showing an increase, but not only in the holiday sector but also across other aspects like property buying & property investment. Places such as Fethiye, Bodrum, Altinkum and Alanya are seeing properties being snapped up in high numbers, as people take advantage of the excellent Lira, and the lower prices when compared with Europe & the rest of the world.

As it was reported on last year and it´s taking further action this year, there are yet more and more flights from Ireland & the UK into Turkish Airports which is also fuelling the renewed interest.

A very prominent newspaper in the UK, based on a report from one of the largest & best well known Travel Agencies, also published that due to a decline in some of the leading destinations such as Spain & the Canary Islands people were looking further afield. Most of this was down to concerns about Brexit, the split from the European Union, the confidence in the buying process within the EU, and how the Euro/GBP would be affected, meaning that people needed to look outside of Europe, Turkey being the next biggest contender.

The thought process for many is that trends will continue to rise in a positive direction, and already flights are getting booked up quickly in advance, if you are thinking about Turkey, the advice is do it now, whilst you still can!

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