The Mall of Istanbul

Posted On: 13 February, 2019 In Blog

Located in the ´European´ quarter of Istanbul, and opened in 2014, Istanbul Mall is a sight to behold and contains over 350 stores with a plethora of other services available all under one roof including, coffee houses, International Cuisines and cultural exchanges. A commercial centre designed to attract and cater for the thousands of locals and International tourists that visit every year, there are also offices & hotels on site, including lots of fun recreational activities throughout the year.

Rated as the best mixed-use centre, Turkey´s largest Mall by far & holding the acclaim for the second largest Mall in Europe, it´s extremely easy to find, situated in the famous Bashakshehir region, with the Basen Express Highway connecting TEM and Ataturk International Airport. There are so many other ways to access the Mall however, with the Metro Line to the station of Iketelli, the Bus Lines 146T or 142E or the Metrobus Line from YeniBonsna Station on the 98H or 78B.

The architectural design of the Mall is a feat of engineering, and in essence follows the structure of Istanbul itself, consisting of 7 ´hills´ with 4 residential buildings, 1 office building, 1 hotel building and the shopping centre itself. High glass ceilings allow for lots of natural light & sunshine to pour in whilst the features of Sultanahmet & the Star Park add an extra dimension to it´s overall presence & style.

It´s a wonderful place for families too, as there is an indoor amusement park for Children, with different types of games all to international standards, an artistic theatre which puts on various & delightful shows throughout the year, the largest CinTech Cinema in Turkey & the largest ´closed´ theme park in the world.

Generally, the Mall is open every day from 10am – 10pm and it´s worth mentioning that at various times throughout the year, big discounts are held in lots of stores, for only a few hours during a particular day.

Some of the brands housed in the International Mall include the likes of Debenhams, Avea, Calzedonia, Deichmann, Kogak Gold, Deffacto, Adidas, Benetton, Apple, and Build A Bear.

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