Turkish Districts - The Asian Side

Posted On: 27 February, 2019 In Blog

Last week we covered the European districts of Istanbul, so it´s only right that this week we cover the Asian Side and there are 14 in total.

´Number 26´ is Adalar, which sits proudly a top a local tourist attraction and is reached by Ferry from most major ports. Classic Ottoman architecture throughout with a traffic free lifestyle for all

´Number 27´ is Atasehir which is planned to be a financial hub set to match America´s wall street. It´s University district and the skyscrapers offer very accessible and affordable accommodation for students and their families

´Number 28´ is Beykoz full of green areas & long lines of coastline. Exclusive & could definitely be the place for your new dream home.

´Number 29´ is Cekmekoy which is a very family friendly district which offers an excellent mix of traditional and rustic charm. There is a University & a wonderful shopping scene.

´Number 30´ is Kadikoy, a very famous district boasting many landmarks including Bagdat Avenue and Haydarpasa Train Station. A cosmopolitan coastal town with a nightlife scene and fish market.

´Number 31´ - is Kartal, which is currently undergoing planning permission for many future urban projects which will appeal to all as it will include mixed use buildings, shopping, housing, education & green spaces.

´Number 32´ Maltepe which is one of the most affordable regions with a long coastline, excellent transport facilities, shopping & family entertainment centres.

´Number 33´ - Pendik. If your´e an F1 fan then this is for you, as this is the home of Istanbul Park where once a year they race round the track competing for the title. Sabiha Gokcen Airport is also here….

´Number 34´ - Sancaktepe houses Turkey´s most populated and largest city surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, but just a short 40 minute drive to the coastline.

´Number 35´ - Sultanbeyli – Until 1945 this was all farming land, but demand for a middle-class suburb grew and it now offers modest neighbourhoods & a conservative family atmosphere.

´Number 36´ - Sile is the weekend home district where many locals summer & retirement homes here. Lovely harbour, seaside restaurants and beautiful beaches.

´Number 37´ - Tuzla used to have one of the busiest fishing ports in the world until leading Turkish Shipbuilders took over in the 1980´s. Still the locals here have many wonderful stories of the good old days…

´Number 38´ - Umraniye – A clean urban area which has seen significant investment over the last few years boosting an already popular real estate market. Urban development here means there is now better transport & increased shopping & eating facilities.

´Number 39´ - Uskudar is a populated district which is the local gem, hosting daily visitors and residents choosing a simpler lifestyle. 

If you would like more information on any of these areas, or are unsure which would be best for you, then please do have a chat with us. Turkish Connextions are specialists here ad we would be delighted to help you find your dream home… talk to us today to find out how we can help.

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