The Delights of Mavisehir, Altinkum

Posted On: 14 May, 2019 In Blog

Altinkum is an amazing place, but there are two things that make it truly unique, special & a big favourite with the residents and expats who have chosen to call it home. These are what we are discussing today….

With it´s perfect location on the Mediterranean, the Mavisehir View and Sunset is unrivalled as bursts of red and orange fill the sky, as the sun slowly sets, the locals sit on the benches and the restaurants buzz with people enjoying the local cuisine. The harbour, where most of the locals gather, offers many small cafés, simple yet wonderful establishments offer their delights, and the staff throughout are welcoming and friendly. It´s a very picturesque site in the early to late evenings too, as the sound of the waves crash against the shore & the well-maintained gardens are full of flowery blooming bushes….

The other ´wonder´ is the Mavisehir Night Market which is situated just a short 300 yards from the harbour, so it´s perfect for a pre or post dinner visit. In the summer it’s a hive of activity with stalls selling everything from clothes to spices, household items to footwear and hardware to souvenirs, with everything at rock bottom prices. Little tea shops are full with people spilling onto the streets and waiters running from pillar to post with silver trays stacked high with tea, and the food stalls serve traditional Turkish kebabs, sweetcorn and Gozleme….

From Altinkum to these two ´adventure sites´ is only 2 lira on the small bus & a thirty minute journey, so there´s no excuses not to make a visit!

For further information on the market or the harbour and what property is available for you here, come and have a chat with Turkish Connextions! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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