Iasos - The Hidden City

Posted On: 23 May, 2019 In Blog

For thousands of years Iasos has always been the city of dreams and the jewel in the crown for those that fought over it in history, and those that choose to visit this beautiful ancient Carian City of today. Once an Island and a member of the Delian league of 468 BC, it fought the Persian Empire, got invaded by the Spartans, defeated by Alexander the Great, ruled by the Byzantines and eventually settled under the Ottomans in the 15th century, until it was deserted and it´s ruins laid bare, to be covered by the sands of time.

Sitting near the village of Kiyikislacik it was of great interest to those that wanted to get their hands on it due to its strategic position, a good point of defense and a harbour city, and in 1835 it became a ´hands on´ city once again when the Italians started digging to reveal it´s treasures that many today flock from far and wide to see. Excavations include a theatre, aqueduct, agora, the east gate and a temple.

A small but cherished landmark, it´s a fabulous day out, and can include a beautiful lunch or dinner at the Ceyar Restaurant, just a three-minute walk from the ruins. Internationally known for Aegean or Mediterranean dining, it offers local produce with fresh fish, seafood and salad also on the menu. For it´s quality of food and location it´s not to be missed.

Iasos isn´t the only historical site throughout the local area of Bodrum, and throughout Turkey as a whole, and there are plenty of other places to visit. Turkish Connextions are specialists here, and can give you all the necessary advice and tourist information you need, as well as showing you what could be your next dream home in the process. We´d be delighted to discuss your requirements, and we look forward to speaking with you….

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