Hidden Treasures of Fethiye

Posted On: 5 June, 2019 In Blog

The Anatolian lands intrigue many from overseas with beautiful golden sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, amazing scenery, natural heritages, as well as thousands of artifacts and ruins from the Ancient times, and yet still there is so much more to discover.

The Island of Knights - back in ancient times Sovalye Island was used for the defense of Fethiye by the Knights of Rhodes, this is how the island got its name. The unique shape of the island dominates the middle of the sea along the Gulf of Fethiye. There is a footpath that runs the entire length of the island taking around 45 minutes to walk from one end to the other. The island has many ancient ruins from the 15 century and there are steps leading down to the sandy beaches and beautiful waters.   

Kabak Cove - located near the resort of Fethiye, this cove is one of the most pristine and unique coves in the world. It offers incredible sights and geological wonders. The cove sits at the bottom of a valley, a peaceful atmoshere in a truly stunning location.

Butterfly Valley - this beautiful valley is the number one place for nature lovers and campers. Not only is the valley home to more than 80 species of butterflies, it also offers a soft sandy beach, cool clear waters, vibrant waterfalls and steep cliffs overlooking the sea, the view is incredible.  

Source: Hurriyet News

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