Turkish Tourism High for 2019

Posted On: 7 June, 2019 In Blog

Consistently breaking more and more records, Turkey is in the news again as it looks to the Tourism Industry to reach new heights. Booking figures for 2019 are looking extremely strong, and Mehmet Nuri Ersoy who is the Culture and Tourism Minister mentioned in a in a meeting with representatives from the Tourism Sector mentioned that, ´They are discussing what tasks they should be responsible for and they will implement whatever is needed in a swift manner, starting this year.´

Much of the new lease of life for the Tourism Industry has come from the significant amounts of Investment that Turkey has pumped into its Infrastructure, Tourism and Transport, along with the added benefits of the Lira being so attractive, and the complications with Russia now being sorted out.

Already among the top holiday destinations in Europe, recently it´s also become a haven for other parts of the world, and predictions show that this is more likely to continue into 2019 and beyond.

Ersoy went on to point out that due to their revision and new understanding of the tourism concept they now ´aim to upgrade it with a project based on qualified tourists´ and ´though they expected figures for 2019 to be good anyway, they not only aim to increase the number of people visiting Turkey, but they also aim to increase the per capita income per night´.

This is certainly pleasing news for Turkish Connextions, Real Estate Specialists here in Turkey, as an increase in visitors is great news for those Investment buyers who wish to rent out their apartments or villas during the high season. If you are one of those people, or if you just love the idea of owning a holiday home in this beautiful country, then please do contact us for a chat.

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