AirBus to SeaBus

Posted On: 18 June, 2019 In Blog

Diving is already a hugely popular sport in Turkey, but it´s now just got more interesting as a disused A330 passenger plane has been deliberately sunk in the North West area to not only encourage more divers to the locality, but also to create an artificial reef for the sealife. With a length of 65m and a wingspan of 60m it now rests on the bottom of the Saros Gulf, some 30m below the surface.

Driving further tourism and a boost to the area, Ozkan Arsu who is the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation represenatitive commented that ´The plane wreck will provide a great benefit to both nature & divers´

The plane which had been in service since 1995 and was retired last year, took four hours to sink, but has already attracted interest, with the first few dives taking place on the 15th June.

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