Property In Turkey - Legal Advice

Most people purchasing in Turkey use a lawyer down on the ground in the resort where they are purchasing. You do have the choice.

Most lawyers in Turkey are well versed in advising clients on property purchase, and you will feel very happy and at ease.

They have the local knowledge of the property you are buying and the person you are buying from, they should also be able to present you with all the documents, which you should be able to check against your contract once written. Ask as many questions as you like no matter have silly they may seem.

The lawyer is there to advise YOU, if you need to you can contact them direct at any time.

Our clients comments:-

The lawyer was very efficient and knowledgeable, We would have no hesitate in recommending them to others buying a property in Turkey.

Mr and Mrs C, London

Although usual advice when buying abroad is to choose a lawyer who is not recommended, I used the a lawyer who had representated previous clients, and once introduced made my own decision. The lawyer was very efficient and buisiness like, the contract was drawn up in turkish and translated to me by a legal translator into english I was happy with teh service and later the same day I had my copy in english.I felt very comfortable ll the time.

Mr L, Northampton